The 2L Year: What to Expect

  • The Expectations Are Higher


“In your first year of law school, they scare you to death. In your second year, they work you to death. In your third year, they bore you to death.” The saying is all too true. Professors expect more both in terms of your participation in class and of your performance on exams. –

  • Be A Mentor To 1L Students

mentor1L students will look up to you and seek your advice because you were recently in their shoes. Learning to be an effective mentor is a critical skill in the legal field. So, offer your best advice and encouragement.


  • Keep Your Life Organized

As a 2L, you are likely involved in other activities outside of classes. Many 2Ls are actively involved in student organizations, law journals, moot court, trial teams, and/or working. Manage your life accordingly, and make sure you have a set time to study and prepare for class.  See the video below for inspiration on setting up a study routine.

  • Review Your Notes After Class

review notesThis is a habit that is crucial for all law students. However, I found that in my 1L year, I spent a significant amount of time preparing for class and less time reviewing each class. In my 2L year, I have found that spending more time reviewing my notes after class helped me digest difficult concepts in my upper-level courses. Consequently, I felt more prepared for classes by engaging in the review process.

  • Keep Calm


While the 2L year seems like a nonstop race, only you can give yourself a break. Working hard is one thing, but burning out is another. Learning how to maintain a successful work-life balance starts now. So, give yourself a break and remember that you are halfway through your law school journey!