Annual Judith S. Kaye Arbitration Competition

New York Law School has won the 2017 Arbitration Moot Competition (“Competition”), which was held at the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) and the New York International Arbitration Center (“NYIAC”) on November 10 and 11. The Competition was sponsored by the Dispute Resolution Section of the New York State Bar Association (“Section”), the AAA and NYIAC, with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators making a generous contribution to help cover expenses.

The Competition is unique in that it calls on the students to actually arbitrate a case, with pre-hearing briefs, openings, direct testimony, cross and closings. All law schools in New York State and the New York City metropolitan area were invited to compete. This year, the response from the schools was nearly unanimous, with 16 teams entering the competition.

The Panel of Arbitrators for the Championship Round of the Competition consisted of Hon. Michael Garcia (Associate Justice of the New York Court of Appeals), Michael Miller (President-Elect of the 72,000 member New York State Bar Association) and Hon. William Bassler, who served for 15 years on the U.S. District Court, New Jersey and is a widely recognized expert in arbitration.

The Competition is titled the Judith S. Kaye Arbitration Competition. The reason is that Judge Kaye was intimately interested in and involved in the Competition and was slated to chair the first championship panel until she had to withdraw at the last minute because of her illness. The Judith S. Kaye Award is presented each year (along with a check for $1,000) to the student who is the best advocate in the competition. There is also prize money for the other winners, notably $2,000 for the winning team, $1,250 for the second place team and $750 for the third place team. The prize money goes directly to the students and is for their personal benefit.

Checks, trophies and other accolades will be presented to the winners at the reception following the Section’s Annual Meeting on January 25, 2018. The winning teams and individuals are identified directly below:

Winning Team

New York Law School


Winning Team with Hon. Michael Garcia, Hon William Bassler (Ret), NYSBA President-elect Michael Miller and Dispute Resolution Section Chair-elect Deborah Masucci

Participants: Kayla Canasi, Sean Doddy and Victoria Walker

Coaches: Ryan Callinan, Amber Dailey and Evan Rosenberg.

Second Place Team

Fordham Law School


Runners-up with Hon. Michael Garcia, Hon William Bassler (Ret), NYSBA President-elect Michael Miller and Dispute Resolution Section Chair-elect Deborah Masucci

Participants: Alexandra Lane, Praatika Prasad and Lauren Riddell

Alternates: Jared Dub and Natasha Butalia

Student Coach: Andrew Dunn

Faculty Coach: David Gallo

Third Place Team

University at Buffalo School of Law

Participants: Luwing Peche Loayza, Amanda Opperman and Kaylan Porter

Coach: Lisa Bauer

Judith S. Kaye Best Advocate Award


Judge Judith Kaye Advocate Awardee Lauren Riddell with Hon. Michael Garcia, Hon William Bassler (Ret), and NYSBA President-elect Michael Miller

Lauren Riddell, Fordham Law School

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