Self-Evaluation for 1L’s

Self-Evaluation for the 1L Spring Semester

Use the following questions to evaluate your first semester of law school and to set yourself up for success in the spring!

Class Preparation:

  • Evolve-Checklist
  • Did you prepare case briefs for every class? If so, how do your case briefs from the
    beginning of the semester compare with your case briefs from the end of the semester?
  • Did you book brief? Do you prefer case briefing or book briefing?
  • Did you write book notes in addition to case briefs?
  • Were your case briefs too long or too short? Did they contain all the relevant information?
  • How long did it take you to prepare for class at the beginning of the semester? How long did it take you to prepare for class towards the end of the semester?
  • Are there any techniques or note taking systems you would like to try this semester?
  • Rate your class preparation skills from 1-10.
  • What are you goals this semester in terms of preparing for class?

Class Participation:

class participation

  • Did you take handwritten notes? If so, was your note taking system effective? Were your notes too long or too short?  What can you do this semester to improve?
  • How was your experience of getting “called on” in class? In addition to getting called on, did you participate in class?  What can you do this semester to perform confidently in class?

Reviewing and Synthesizing Notes:

  • Did you review and organize your notes after class? How often?  How soon after class?
  • Did you synthesize your case briefs within a particular topic?
  • What are you goals in terms of these pre-outlining tasks—reviewing and synthesizing notes?


  • Rate your outlines for each class from 1-10.
  • What did you like and dislike about each outline? How was each outline effective?
  • Did you use secondary sources such as commercial outlines and supplements? How did you blend your class notes, case briefs, case book, and secondary sources into your outline?
  • Did you use flash cards or flowcharts? Did you have a long outline, a condensed outline, and/or an attack outline?  Was the format of your outline helpful? What do you think works best for you?
  • Were your outlines accurate? Did they contain too much or too little information?
  • How soon did you start outlining? How often did you outline?  What works best for you?
  • What are your outlining goals for this semester?

Exam Preparation:

  • Rate how prepared your felt for each exam from 1-10.
  • Did you create an exam preparation schedule? If so, did you follow the schedule?  How much were you able to follow?
  • Did you join a study group? How effective was studying with a group?  What worked and what didn’t work?  What can you do this semester to improve your study group?
  • test-prep-2Did you take practice exams, including multiple choice and essay exams? Did you write full answers in your practice exams?  Did you take timed exams?
  • What exam taking techniques did you implement? Did you scan the exam first and note the allocated points for each portion?  Did you do the essay questions first or the multiple-choice questions?  Did you have enough time for each question?  Did you have enough time for the questions with the most points?
  • How did you outline your answers for each exam? Did you use a checklist?  How did you include your attack outline when taking each exam?
  • What are your goals this semester in terms of preparing for exams? Do you want to join a study group or do more practice exams?
  • How did you manage your stress during exam period? Did you exercise?  Did you go for walks?  What did you do to remain mentally sharp and healthy?
  • What are your goals this semester in maintaining a healthy and balanced life?