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Blog written by law students examining the law, law school and the years immediately following law school.

Practical Advice for 1L Success

Congratulations on beginning an exciting endeavor: law school! Your first year will in all likelihood be one of your most difficult challenges in your professional career. But remember, thousands of bright individuals like you have both experienced and thrived in law school. Because life as a first-year law […]

An Open Letter to My Fellow 0Ls

Dear fellow 0L: I’m writing from my new pad in Central New York, where I’ve just moved to begin law school in only a handful of days. Many of my belongings are still trapped in totes, or crammed into the space made available for me by my two […]

Applebaum v. Lyft

New York has seen a huge rise in third party ride services such as Uber and Lyft in the last several years. I know I’ve personally used Uber and Lyft in cities like Chicago, Washington D.C, New York City, Tampa, Atlantic City and even White Plains. With the […]