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Chanan Brown

Engaging with Your Community as a Law Student

Many people attend law school because of their interest in civic engagement. Whether it be through political campaigning, administrative law, or legal services, a fair portion of law students expect their professional education to accelerate their careers in public service. I, personally, fall into this group of students. […]

Networking Early in Your Legal Career

As anyone who has attended law school knows, the first semester of 1L year is overflowing with challenges. These include learning how to read effectively, how to study (a real test for those of us who spent undergrad writing papers), how to not completely eviscerate your professional reputation […]

An Open Letter to My Fellow 0Ls

Dear fellow 0L: I’m writing from my new pad in Central New York, where I’ve just moved to begin law school in only a handful of days. Many of my belongings are still trapped in totes, or crammed into the space made available for me by my two […]