A Message from the NYSBA President


Dear Future Lawyers,

Congratulations on entering the legal profession.  Whatever stage you are at – applying to law school, in the middle of your legal education, newly graduated, or early in your practice – it is all part of the journey that is life in the law.  I speak from experience: you have chosen a uniquely rewarding and satisfying career.

Lawyers are members of a noble and learned profession; it is a privilege and a responsibility to be a lawyer.  We are, rightly, called counsellors: we advise, advocate for, guide, and maintain the confidences of, our clients.  We are problem solvers; we help people, and our work affects their lives for the better.

I love being a lawyer, and we at the Bar Association want to help ensure that you love it too.  That’s why we developed Pathway to the Profession, to assist you in getting to law school, getting through law school and starting your career.

How does Pathway help?  You get free Association membership.  You get virtual communities to ask questions, share ideas, brainstorm or just plain vent.  As part of the Young Lawyers Section, you get great advice and mentoring from people who know exactly where you’re coming from.  You get membership in a Section of your choice, where your future colleagues will give you an honest look at a practice area you’re considering.  You get all the resources and benefits our members enjoy, and you get this new website, www.futurelawyers.org.  It’s a one-stop source for everything you need to succeed and our latest step to help you transition from pre-law to law student to attorney.

Keep your eye on www.futurelawyers.org for the information and resources you need.  Use the links to the communities pages to keep in touch with each other, and use the contact links to ask questions of NYSBA staff.  Because your most valuable resources, throughout law school and throughout your entire career, will be the people you meet in the Association.  You will form lifelong professional and personal friendships.  You will get help and advice.  And you will have confidence, knowing that your 72,000 NYSBA colleagues have your back.

Again, congratulations.  It took intelligence and diligence to get here, so you have what it takes to do well.  You are the future of the profession I love and, I believe, that future is bright.


Sharon Stern Gerstman
President, New York State Bar Association